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Sometimes your fish may show deviant behavior. This could indicate the presence of a disease. For more information about certain behaviors of the fish and possible symptoms of disease, read the PDF file below. This document is only available in Dutch.


In some cases, the use of medication can help to make the fish better again. This also makes them display healthy behavior again. In the webshop of Discus Texel you can find four different medications: Levamisole, Metrodinazolum, Oxytetracicline and Praziquentel. The website will be online soon. More information about these four drugs can be found at the bottom of this page.


Do you need help which medicine is best suited for your situation? Contact Discus Texel!

Informatie over de medicijnen

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In de webshop van Discus Texel kunt u vier verschillende medicatie vinden: Levamisole, Metrodinazolum, Oxytetracicline en Praziquentel. De website gaat binnenkort online. Meer informatie over deze vier medicijnen staan in de PDF documenten die op deze pagina gelinkt staan. Heeft u hulp nodig welk medicijn het best geschikt is voor uw situatie? Neem contact op met Discus Texel!

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