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The fish

The young fish

I buy my young fish from Marcus Stöcker in Germany. I work closely with Marcus. Marcus Stöcker is a well-known discus fish breeder, especially in Germany. He breeds special discus fish that are rarely found, such as the Heckel Cross.


Marcus has also succeeded as one of the first(s) to breed the Blue Headed Heckel and the Ica Red Heckels. Marcus Stöcker is therefore a common-known name when it comes to discus fish that are characterized by the beautiful round shape, fast and even growth of the young fish and the intense colours. So I can always rest assured that the fish I buy from Marcus are healthy and can deliver the quality that I want to deliver to you myself. I learn something new from Marcus every time I have been with him!


100% parasite-free guaranteed!

I have had my own fish breeding for discus fish for a number of years now and I have gained a lot of experience in looking for exactly the right installation to grow the fish as healthy as possible. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Marcus Stöcker, I can now say with certainty that the fish I breed and sell are 100% parasite-free!

I regularly check my fish for parasites myself using a microscope. I learned this myself through courses and through the knowledge of Marcus Stöcker. In addition, I also send Marcus my fish to ask him to check the health of the fish. He has also concluded that my fish are parasite-free and that is why I am convinced that I can guarantee you good quality fish.

Eerste Hulp Bij ... schietende vissen
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